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Hints & Tips

Basics of Cooking # 1 *

Glossary of Cooking Terms *

Mexican Foods Glossary*

Jewish Foods Glossary*


Cheese Information*

Conversion Charts*

Equivalent Charts*

Food History

Wacky Uses of Common Items*

How Much to Buy


Appetizers Disk 134 *

Appetizers Disk 135 *

Appetizers Disk 136 *


Barbeque and Grilling

Misc. Recipes Disk 56 with several good items to put on the barbee

Beverages and Drinks
Beverages # 1 *

Beverage Information*

Misc. Recipes Disk 17 which includes many fancy coffee recipes and a nice one for kelp pickles, in case your garden grows too much kelp


Breads – Bread Machine

Breads – Cinnamon Rolls

Breads – Muffins and Biscuits

Muffins & Scones # 1 *

Breads – Quick

Breads – Sour Dough

Breads – Sweet

Breads – Yeast

Breads # 1 *

Breads # 2*

Breads # 3*

Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch and Sandwiches
Breakfast # 1  

Breakfast Recipes Disk 139 *

Breakfast Recipes Disk 140 *

Breakfast Recipes Disk 190 *

Breakfast Recipes Disk 191 *

Misc. Recipes Disk 18 with some killer pancakes and several confections

Canning and Preserving


Children’s recipes
Misc. Recipes Disk 13 There is even a recipe for flubber! and 10 recipes for half-moon cookies!

Misc. Recipes Disk 24 a few children’s recipes along with lots of other goodies

Desserts & Snacks

Desserts & Snacks – Cakes

Cakes & Frostings # 1 *

Cakes & Frostings # 2 *

Cakes  Disk 125 *

Desserts & Snacks – Candy  

Candy Disk 105 *

Chocolate Information*

Desserts & Snacks – Cheesecakes  

Cheesecakes Disk 112 *

Cheesecakes Disk 113 *

Cheesecakes Disk 121 *

Desserts & Snacks – Cookies, Brownies & Bars

Cookies & Bars 1 *

Cookies & Bars 2 *

Cookies & Bars 3 *

Cookies Disk 103 *

Cookies Disk 109 *

Cookies Disk 120 *

Brownies, Cookies, and Bars, Disk 126 *

Desserts & Snacks – Ice Cream

Desserts and Snacks - Misc.

Chocolate Recipes Disk 146 *

Desserts # 1 *

Desserts # 2 *

Mousse Recipes Disk 147 *

Misc. Recipes Disk 19 which includes Next Best Thing to Robert Redford Pie (I thought it would be Paul Newman...

Desserts & Snacks – Pies and Pastry

Desserts & Snacks – Popcorn



Misc. Recipes Disk 47 which includes several more India recipes such as garam masala, which is needed for several of those dishes.

Misc. Recipes Disk 57 which has some grand Assyrian recipes and some really swell rum drinks

Ethnic – Irish

Misc. Recipes Disk 20 There are several Irish recipes in here, including a lovely (though alcoholic) drink.

Misc. Recipes Disk 21 a site to behold! And some more Irish recipes.

Ethnic – Jewish

Jewish Foods Glossary*

Misc. Recipes Disk 27 with several Kosher recipes as well as other good things

Misc. Recipes Disk 55 which includes a few recipes for Rosh Hashana (Jewish New Year)

Ethnic – Mexican

Mexican Foods Glossary *

Ethnic - Misc.

Ethnic – Oriental

Freezing & Refrigeration Information*


Healthy Recipes - Low Fat, Low Sodium or Diabetic


Holidays & Special Occasions

Holidays – Birthdays

Holidays - Chanukah

Chanukah Disk 116 *

Chanukah Disk 117 *

Chanukah Disk 131 *

Chanukah Disk 132 *

Chanukah Disk 133 *



Holidays – Easter

Easter Candy Recipes Disk 178

Easter Candy Recipes Disk 188

Easter Egg Customs and Traditions

Easter Eggs & What to do with the Leftovers!

Eggs - What to do with the Leftovers!

Glazes, Sauces, and Gravy for Ham Disk 181

Easter Ham Recipes Disk 183

Easter Ham Recipes Disk 184

Ham - Leftovers Recipes Disk 185

Ham - Leftovers Recipes Disk 186

Easter Ham Recipes Disk 187

Ham Information Disk 182

Misc. Easter Recipes

Resurrection Cookies

Scripture Cake Recipe


Holidays – Halloween

Halloween Recipes Page 1 *

Halloween Recipes Page 2 *

Halloween Recipes Page 3 *

Halloween Recipes Page 4 *

Halloween Recipes Page 5 *

Halloween Recipes Page 6 *

Misc. Recipes Disk 64 with several recipes for Hallowe'en, and some more casseroles

Holidays – Passover

Passover Home Page

Passover Recipes*

Misc. Recipes Disk 28 with Kosher Passover recipes and some Easter recipes too

Recipes Disk 97*

Recipes Disk 98*

Recipes Disk 99*

Recipes Disk 200*


Holidays - Purim

Purim Home Page

Purim Recipes Disk 141*

Purim Recipes Disk 142*

Purim Recipes Disk 143*


Holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas

Christmas Home Page

Thanksgiving Home Page

Misc. Recipes Disk 61 which includes many pumpkin recipes, timely for Autumn

Misc. Recipes Disk 62 which includes even more lovely pumpkin recipes, and some stuff from Turkey

Holiday Recipes Disk 104 *

Cranberries Disk 107 *

Goose Recipes Disk 108 *

Sweet Potato Recipes*

Stuffing Disk 110 *

Turkey Recipes Disk 111 *

Holiday Recipes Disk 115 *

Holiday Candy*

Leftovers Disk 114 *

Leftovers Disk 130  *

Hints & Tips for Thanksgiving*

Eating Healthy for the Holidays*

Disk 71 With Holiday recipes, plus ideas for using the leftovers and lots of other good things.

Pumpkin Recipes Disk 118 *

Pumpkin Recipes Disk 119 *

Holiday Recipes Disk 123 *

Holiday Recipes Disk 124 *

Holiday Recipes Disk 127 *

Holiday Recipes Disk 128 *

Holiday Recipes Disk 129 *


Holidays - New Years

Appetizers - Disk 134*

Appetizers - Disk 135*

Appetizers - Disk 136*

Beverage Information*

Beverage Recipes*

St. Basil's Cake*



Holidays - Valentine's Day

Chocolate Recipes for Valentine's Day *

Chocolate Information *

Mousse Recipes Disk 147 *

Valentine's Day Recipes Disk 148 *

Valentine's Day Recipes Disk 149 *

Lobster & Oyster Recipes Disk 150 *

Lobster & Oyster Information*



Holidays – Weddings

Household Hints
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